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This site is part of the Egypt Ring. You can access on the news on the Egypt Ring while clicking on the left on the logo. I thank here all those that encouraged me and mainly Thierry Benderitter for his friendly advice that allowed me to get the label of the Egypt Ring; Alain Guilleux and François Tonic for their remarks and their photos, and Bastet for her remarks. I thank J.C. Moulier and Cau Bruala for providing me kindly with their views of the Butcher Hall.


Sites on Egypt, Abydos and temples   Very complete and very interesting website on the tombs and the gods  (in english, french and german).  Very important site on the Pharaoh Sethy I, with explanations on Abydos. (in english and french)

Une promenade en Egypte  A complete site on Egypt, with numerous photos, with a description and comments on the temple of Abydos. I thank Alain for the photo of the club of the king Scorpion. (in french)  Almost all  the resources on Egypt in english on the web  General site on Egyptian monuments, with pages on Abydos.  The site " Rosette"  to understand and to write the hieroglyphs.  (in english, french and arab)    The site of Toutankhamon magazine (in french) The ancient Egypt of Bastet, with parts on the country, the men, the gods and the writing (in french).  Ancient Egypt, history and chronology (in english)  Every thing on deities, religion and priests. Pages on Abydos (in english) An Educational Resource for Ancient Egyptian Religion and Esoteric studies (in english) Early Dynastic Egypt, website by Francesco Raffaele.     ( english, italian )  Ancient Egypt  Elements of its Cultural History  by Sjef Willockx, very complete and interseting site.  Interestting pages and a complete list of useful links  An interesting page on Abydos and the Osireion

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Chonet-el-Zebib : and  :        (in french)

Great Dedicatory Inscription of Ramesses II : ;     (in french)

The Osiris festival  :  .

Weni  :

Palette of king Narmer : see for instance

A scene in the chapel of Sety I :

Traduction of steles C11, C12, C90 :    (only in french)

Stele C3 traduction :   (in french)

Umm-el-Qab :  Splendid  photos of the necropolis.