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In the first year of his reign, Ramesses II takes down the Nile and stop in Abydos. He sees the state of the temple of his father Sety and decide to finish it. He also decides the foundation of his own temple (cf. the Big Dedicatory Inscription). By its reliefs, its colors, this temple was one of the most beautiful build by Ramesses II.  The scenes that remain allow us besides to appreciate it. It is very in ruin today, the height of the walls not exceeding 4 meters.  The enclosure was covered with texts and engraved scenes on a beautiful white limestone. On the left, the visible wall bears reliefs of the battle of Qadech, unfortunately incomplete.  This present part a set of views commented of the temple of Ramesses II in Abydos. This site is optimized for a display 1024x768 on full screen.


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