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The city of Abydos is situated in Middle Egypt at approximately 150 km in the North of Louxor. It is accessible to the tourists only in convoy of vehicles supervised by the police. The convoy leaves in the morning  Louxor and after approximately three hours of road, reached the city of Abydos where the tourist just has the time to visit rather quickly the temple of Sety I and to glance at Osireion or at temple of Ramesses II.

From the beginning of 4th millennium B.C., Abydos constituted a place privileged for burial of elites. The Pharaohs of several dynasties built temples of which there are only today rare examples.

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The local god was Khenti-Amentiu, " the first one of the Westerners ", god of the funeral rites who was associated with Osiris from the 5th dynasty. The popularity of Osiris eventually supplants that of his predecessor. Abydos welcomed one of the numerous graves of Osiris who would shelter, says the legend, the head of the martyred god. During the centuries, every Egyptian wished to make the pilgrimage to Abydos to make sure the good favours of the god of the deaths who sat  the divine court during the weighing of souls. Numerous steles were set up there.

This site is dedicated to the city of Abydos. An important part of the site is constituted  by the description of the temple which the Pharaoh Sety  I made it build in homage to the gods.

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