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The pillars of the first room hypostyle underwent the same fate that the rest of the temple. As if the temple had been sanded up and that everything that exceeded the sand had been cut. On the pillar, subsist the people's figures in worship. Maybe the people had him access to this room.  At the back   you can see   the north part of the room with the representation of the cities, duplicated farther on one page.


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West wall : As in the rooms hypostyles of the temple of Sety 1 a frieze of Nile gods and feminine divinities runs below the represented scenes.  On their stands, these are here the names of the cities that are given. The colors are again very bright. The second stand from the left carries the sign of "abdjouAbydos. Damaged on this wall, this inscription is given in Mariette. Also notice the titulature of the first two years of the reign.



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